The 4 Undeniable Signs She Wants You to Chase Her

Men know how to put their intentions clear when chasing women.

On the other hand, women will only show signs she wants you to chase her rather than telling you she likes you. It is obvious men don’t find it hard flirting with women, but if a woman is flirting with you, you may need to take the time to really understand what she really means.

Women are complex to understand and often send conflicting signals. According to research, “women play to get along whereas men often pay to be victors.” You may have met a woman who says one thing while she means completely the opposite in reality.

There exist many theories that try to explain the mystery behind women saying ‘YES’ when they actually mean ‘NO.’ What research, science, and psychology have taught modern man is to be watchful of the various intriguing signs a woman expresses when she is interested in you.

In this article, we shall explore the four undeniable signs a woman likes you that you shouldn’t ignore.

We’ve all been caught in that tricky situation when a woman says something that is completely different from her body language. I want to believe words can mean anything but our body language will confirm the truth. In the quest to unearth the bitter truth behind the signs a woman likes you,

I have found four powerful signs you need to pay attention for to understand her intentions.​

The 4 Unmistakable Signs She Wants You to Chase Her​

signs she wants you to chase her

"Women will only show signs she wants you to chase her rather than telling you she likes you..."

Deeper and longer eye contact...

It is a common perception that men love gazing at sexy women a lot without even blinking. This common perception is often used to dismiss the case for women who sometimes stare at men they feel they need in their lives.

In reality, women also love looking at men they are about or want to fall for. Our inner feelings affect the body language of both men and women indifferently. If you notice a woman glancing over you deeply in a way you feel there is something going on in her head, feel happy because you might be the lucky guy.

The way men react when they see what their heart's desire, is the very same way we should expect our counterparts to react. In essence, how could we tell she likes you without understanding such basic principles?

A woman who is unquestionably interested in you will find you attractive and will always be looking at you. This is the simplest way a woman can tell you “I find you eye-catching; I want to get to know you.” In most cases before partners get to know each other, body language plays a big role in bonding them together.

The majority of women out there use their eyes to smile and flirt with you. This is largely due to their inability to actively engage men in a conversation that suggests she is into you.

Anytime you come across such a woman constantly admiring you, she is simply telling you she is interested and needs you to take action.​

She is starving for your attention...

When a woman wants you, the first thing she will want from you is your attention. Women seek men’s attention in very many ways.

The common ones include:

  • ​She plays with her hair
  • She smiles at you
  • She makes movements you can notice
  • She is closer to you
  • She makes small talks and smiles all the time

A woman seeking your attention will find ways to sit next to you. She will try by all means possible to find a spot near you where you can clearly see her. The bottom-line of her trying to get as closer to you as possible is just a silent way of letting you know she is interested.

Most men often ignore this signal and regret later on. So don’t allow such a chance to escape. Do you have any woman in your life behaving this way?

If you are also interested in her sexual explorations, then don’t allow yourself to become her friend, instead, seduce her since she has already shown you that she finds you overtly sexually attractive.

Some powerful signals already mean that your charm has already soaked her pleasure vacuities.

She is often flashing miles your way...

According to science, smiling is the “world’s most powerful gesture” that means a lot. Smiling is generally accepted as a welcome greeting in many cultures.

However, how would you interpret a woman smile endlessly your way? Is the smile a welcome greeting or something else?

Somethings can be noticed instantly and do not require long explanations. A simple courteous smile cannot be confused with a chain of suggestive smiles thrown at different instances with evocative eye contact.

If you experience such graphic smiles all you need to do is prepare for an already accepted interaction.

When a woman keeps on smiling at you, she really wants you to interact with her. Women can hide other things using their words but when it comes to conspicuous gestures, they cannot lie. Men, on the other hand, try to convince themselves not to think about the obvious while that is actually what the woman wants.

Theses confusing situations require nothing but openness in mind and preparedness for anything.

You may assume her only to realize she was your best chance of getting a special woman in your life.

Proximity and lingering...

Women use proximity to let men know they are interested if not like them.

A woman attracted to you will seek a noticeable position within your orbit where it is possible to make small talks. More often you may notice the woman staying very close to where you are in a number of occasions.

If you always bump into each other let say at your favorite coffee shop, it should let you know she is into you and may want to interact with you. Very excited and deeply interested women can go to the extent of creating the ‘accidental’ bump even in places with plenty of space.

If a woman who is attracted to you brushes past you and accidentally collides with you, her message is so strong that she can let her body speak but not her mouth. It is upon you to pick it up from there and take a level higher.

Remember proximity and lingering works perfectly well for women and not men. If men do it, it looks quite weird and creepy. Proximity and lingering are attributed to the greater risk women face from guys than guys face from women.

To conclude...

To wrap it up, we have explored 4 undeniable signs a woman wants you. If you receive any of these signals, you should now know how to react and behave toward achieving the desired outcome.

So you no longer need to ask yourself ‘How do I tell if she really likes me?”

Written by Terrence Kennedy

Terrence Kennedy is the man’s man on a journey to self-discovery. A traveler, extreme sports aficionado, an observant wanderer, a DIY-Know-How, an ultimate outsider and a documentarist of culture, sex, dating, relationship, fashion, style and gentleman's etiquette. He has learned a lot through his escapades, and is happy to pass that knowledge on to you.